Wednesday, March 22, 2017

5 Ways to Live Healthier...Starting Today

I would argue that most of the population wants to be healthy. Yet, many, many of us don't make healthy choices on the day-to-day. I think healthy living can sometimes seem unattainable, like it might require too much work for us to be successful. But, that is simply not true. There are little changes we can make in our day-to-day habits that will add up to significant results in the long run.

1. Drink more water. We all know hydration is important yet it can be hard to get the water we need daily. I have definitely been guilty of having days where I would drink only coffee and wine. Drinking enough water helps curb cravings, boost metabolism, aids in skin and hair health, and so much more. Did you know you should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces every day at a minimum?

2. Go to be earlier. Again, this is something that has been difficult for me! Especially before becoming a mom. Now, I can't seem to get to bed fast enough at the end of the day. I personally got really "good" at functioning on six or so hours of sleep. But this is a dangerous practice in the long term. Determine a bedtime that is at least seven, preferably eight, hours before you need to get up to start your day. Then, plan to start winding down 30-45 minutes before that time. Check your email and social media for the last time, then log off. Finish your nighttime skincare and beauty rituals then try to read or listen to relaxing music for a few minutes to help your mind slow down and prepare for restful sleep.

3. Get moving! Remember the theory that a body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest? For your health now and in the future, exercise really needs to be a part of your daily life. 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 a weeks will improve your overall health in so many ways. This can be as simple as using the stairs instead of the elevator and then taking a nice walk every evening. One thing I love about my current workouts is that they take just 30 minutes (2% of my day) and I really feel like I have strengthened my body and heart when I am finished. 

4. Eat reasonable portions. It isn't necessary to cut all of your favorite foods in order to eat healthy. While it is true that some foods are undeniably better than others, you can make a huge difference in your health simply by making sure your portions are reasonable. If you need help with this, email me and I will make sure you are on my list for my next meal prep group. I even have one starting on Monday. 
5. Find a way to destress. Whether it be yoga, a long walk with your favorite podcast, a lavender bubble bath, a standing mani/pedi date with a great girlfriend, find a way to relax on the regular. 
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Coffee + Conversation

We had a fun weekend over here attending a wedding and spending some time with friends but boy did it fly by? This is for sure going to be a multiple coffee kind of day.

The weekend seemed to have taken the cold weather with it and I have no complaints about that. I'm excited to be able to get out for park dates and walks again this week. I am so ready for spring weather since it is the first day of spring after all. 

We have a lot of really cool trees and plants in our yard thanks to the previous owners but I am sad to report that after the snow and freezing temps last week, the blossoms in our peach trees are shriveled and brown on the trees. So sad! Anyone know anything about peach trees? Are they for sure done for the year now?

These two are finally becoming friends. I'm sure the snack cup is a big part of this friendship and that Madeline thinks it's hilarious to feed him Cheerios. This is a big accomplishment because poor Riley has definitely had a bittersweet relationship with Madeline. He's protective of her and wants to be near her but he's also been pretty terrified of her since she started crawling. And jealous.

Anyone really struggle with eating healthy because of a busy schedule? Or just drawing a blank on clean recipes to cook for you and your family that aren't super complicated? Then, I have a treat for you!

I am hosting a Clean Eating and Crock Pot Cooking group starting a week from today. It's totally free and I'll be sharing some favorite healthy recipes you can make in your slow cooker.

Head over to Facebook to get the details on how to register. Madeline has enjoyed being the test audience to a few of the recipes that were new to us. 

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 17, 2017

5 on Friday

I am so happy it is Friday today! It has been super cold all week long and since Madeline has had a runny nose, we didn't do any play dates so we are all going a little stir-crazy. We have no big plants tonight, just finally watching this week's This is Us and relaxing at home. Corey's had work dinners most of the week so we haven't had much time together this week. 

I sunless tanned for the wedding we are going to on Saturday. This year I switched to Fake Bake from Tan Towels, which I used and loved for such a long time. I have such a super heightened sense of smell ever since I was pregnant with Madeline and I couldn't take the scent of my beloved Tan Towels anymore. I'm loving the Fake Bake and it has a very light coconut scent. The color is natural and it's not streaky at all. I also love St. Tropez but it is just so expensive. Do you have a sunless tanner you love that I should try? 


This guy turned SEVEN years old on Wednesday. I cannot even believe that and it makes me super emotional. He started his day with his usual cake from Canine Cafe and had lots of snuggles with his family. Just for a little flashback Friday, let's spend just a minute reminiscing over how cute he was when he was a tiny pup seven years ago.


This was dinner last night. Life is about balance, right?? Corey had a work dinner and Madeline had kind of a tough day yesterday with a super runny nose that was driving her crazy so by the time she went to bed (an hour early), I was just exhausted. I poured myself a glass of wine, enjoyed my favorite flavor of Lara bar and a banana, and watched Grey's Anatomy in bed. 


These crockpot carnitas were easy and delicious. I made them for Taco Tuesday in our house this week and then ate leftovers in Wednesday while Corey was working and enjoyed them just as much the second time around. Not to mention they are 21 Day Fix approved and a healthy dinner. I'll be sharing this recipe and seven more in my totally free clean eating crock pot group starting March 27th. Want more info? Just let me know in the comments and make sure you either leave your email address or the reply feature is turned on!

Linking up here.  Happy Friday!